Friday Feature

Friday Feature: Nowhere to Turn

This past year, sobering findings related to the health of individuals with IDD were shared in Ontario's Ombudsman’s Report, Nowhere to Turn. The report highlights powerful stories of families in crisis and some very serious challenges within social services and health care. It is important to note that while this report highlights issues within the Canadian social services system, it mirrors concerns shared by the United States and includes many topics that START is actively working to address.

Today we are sharing an summary of this report written by Susan Morris, a START National Team Consultant from Toronto, Ontario, to introduce the START Network to the focus of this investigation and provide a brief summary of findings. Click here to continue reading



Driving Systemic Change

Mission: The UNH/IOD Center for START (Systemic, Therapeutic, Assessment, Resources, and Treatment) Services aims to improve the lives of persons with IDD and behavioral health needs and their families through fidelity to the START model with exemplary services and supports that emphasize local, person-centered, positive, multidisciplinary, cost-effective and evidence-informed practices.