Transition from School to Life

Friday, March 15, 2019 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Event Description: 


2018-2019 START National Online Training Series

Presentation Title: Transition from School to Life

Presenter: Dan Baker, PhD


This presentation provides an overview of Community-Based Instruction (CBI), a transition-focused evidence-based practice for students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and mental health needs. The presentation provides an overview of the legal foundations relating to transition in the US and explores aspects of community living skills and career development while exploring the guiding principles and areas of instruction within CBI.


  • Describe the definition and intent of federal transition services and why each area is relevant in the lives of individuals with MH/IDD
  • Describe at least three (3) reasons cited in research as to why employment contributes to positive outcomes in the lives of individuals with MH/IDD
  • List the principles and areas of Community-Based Instruction (CBI) as an evidence-based practice in transition
  • Articulate how CBI differs from more traditional instruction-based methods and the benefits inherent in these differences
  • Describe the three stages of career development and examples of activities that occur within each stage.