Project Description: 

May 14, 2020 Stakeholders Meeting (recording)

Under the leadership of the CA Department of Developmental Services and in collaboration with CSS, implementation of the START model has begun in California, with two regional programs serving as the initial pilots. The pilots will provide data for evaluation and will inform implementation next steps. The San Diego START team is overseen by the San Diego Regional Center, located in the north portion of SD County, and is operated by Exodus Recovery Services. The San Andreas START team is overseen by the San Andreas Regional Center, located in San Jose, and is operated by YAI. Each team consists of a Program Director, Clinical Director, Medical Director, 4-5 START coordinators, and 4 therapeutic coaches. The programs, which serve children and adults, are integrating positive psychology assessment, observation, and therapeutic coaching at intake. This innovative practice will inform us about new and creative ways to integrate coaching with START coordination.