New York

Mission Statement

NYSTART is a community-based program that provides crisis prevention and response services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who present with complex behavioral and mental health needs, and to their families and others in the community who provide support. NYSTART is not a separate system and does not replace existing services.

Contact Information

Western Finger Lakes START: 1-844-567-8278

Capital, Taconic, Hudson Valley START: 1-844-782-7880

New York City START

  • Brooklyn and Staten Island: 646-565-5890

  • Bronx, Manhattan and Queens: 212-273-6300

Long Island START

NY START Website


START Liason Contacts

NYSTART Brochure

State Overview

NY START Overview from UNH IOD/START on Vimeo.

Additional Information

The NYSTART program offers training, consultation, therapeutic services and technical assistance to enhance the ability of the community to support eligible individuals and focuses on establishing integrated services with providers.  Providing supports that help individuals to remain in their home or community placement is NYSTART’s first priority. 

As each of the NYSTART teams are established and become fully operational the services provided will include:

  • Community partnerships and systems linkages;

  • Systemic and clinical consultation and training;

  • Community training and education;

  • Clinical Education Team training meetings;

  • Cross Systems Crisis Prevention and Intervention Planning;

  • Mobile crisis support and response for individuals enrolled in NYSTART services;

  • Outreach and follow up; and 

  • Comprehensive Service Evaluations 

The NYSTART team will clinically assess individuals enrolled in NYSTART services to determine the need for the provision of:

  • Therapeutic in-home support services for NYSTART-enrolled individuals age 6 and over

  • Therapeutic emergency or planned Resource Center services for NYSTART- enrolled individuals age 21 and over

NYSTART services are available to individuals age 6 and over with intellectual and developmental disabilities who present with complex behavioral and mental health needs. An OPWDD eligibility determination is required in order to receive the full array of NYSTART services. 

The START model is being launched across New York State in phases. If you would like to learn more about START, please contact the OPWDD START Liaison in your region.