Projects Underway

Over the past year, the START Research Committee has supported a wide array of projects on topics ranging from outcomes of START model implementation, psychiatric prescribing practices and clinical assessment. Many projects have or will be presented at the annual START National Training Institute and are published in peer reviewed journals.

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Planning Tool for People with IDD and Behavioral Health Needs: The New START Plan. Caoili, Weigle, Kalb, Klein & Grosso
  • Mental and Physical Health Conditions of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) with and without Down Syndrome (DS). Weigle, Charlot & Holingue
  • Trauma Experiences and Symptoms of PTSD among Individuals with IDD Receiving START Services. Anneling, Scura, Bronzino, Hinton & Charlot
  • Medication Side-Effects Of Individuals with IDD and Significant Behavioral Health Challenges. Charlot & Doerfler 
  • Recent Stressors and Behavioral Health Crises of People with IDD. Tuell, Hinton, LaForce, Kalb & Charlot
  • Patterns and characteristics of psychoactive medication use in children served in START programs. Charlot, McLaren, Doerfler, Holingue, &Caoili 
  • Comprehensive Training Program for Direct Support Staff Serving Individuals with IDD and Co-occurring Behavioural Health Needs in Community Based Settings. Caoili, Grosso, Hinton & LaForce
  • Screening for dementia in older adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities. Holingue, Wise & Caoili