Projects Underway

A comprehensive assessment and treatment planning tool for people with IDD and Behavioral Health Challenges: The New START Plan. Caoili, Weigle, Kalb, Klein, Grosso
A pilot investigation of the recently expanded START Plan interview tool (expanded intake, assessment and treatment planning tool) is underway across multiple START program sites. The pilot will allow for an in depth look at the the instrument along with assessment of inter-rater reliability and convergent validity with the CANS and FEIS.

Trauma Experiences and Symptoms of PTSD among Individuals with IDD Receiving START Services. Anneling, Scura, Bronzino & Hinton. 
The UCLA PTSD Reaction Index and the Lancaster and Northgate Trauma Scale for Intellectual Disabilities (LANTS) will be administered to START enrollees at intake with an aim of exploring the incidence of trauma in individuals with IDD. Factors that may differentiate individuals who screen positively for having traumatic histories and/or PTSD profiles will be explored including age, gender, level of ID, diagnosis, psychoactive medications, Aberrant Behavior Checklist (ABC) scores, recent stressors and emergency service use.

Medication Side-Effects Of Individuals with IDD and Significant Behavioral Health Challenges. Charlot, Doerfler & Barnhill. 
To seek a greater understanding of the side effects experienced by people with IDD treated with psychoactive medications, we reviewed the results of administrations of the Matson Evaluation of Drug Side Effects (MEDS) for a group of adults served in the START program.  We examined the type and frequency of psychoactive medication side effects identified by the screen and looked for possible correlates. 

Recent Stressors and Behavioral Health Crises of People with IDD. Tuell, Hinton, LaForce, Kalb, Charlot .
Recent stressful life events of individuals from a large cohort of children and adults with IDD and behavioral health needs will be reviewed to further understanding of the nature of events experienced, and to explore associations with other factors and features available in the SIRS database to inform practice improvements. 

Patterns and characteristics of psychoactive medication use in children served in START programs. McLaren et al Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical School .
The type and numbers of psychoactive medications prescribed to a large cohort of children with IDD and significant behavioral health needs will be reviewed. Characteristics associated with medication use will be explored to inform possible changes to practice aimed at reducing over reliance on medications and the occurrence of polypharmacy.

Effects of In-Home Therapeutic Coaching on Outcomes for Individuals with IDD and Behavioral Health Needs. Emerson, Schatz, Green, Weigle. 
START In-Home Therapeutic Coaching (IHTC) is being initiated with ArkSTART and local community provider partners. Provider partners will be provide services as identified by the START team. The unique impact of IHTC on service outcomes will be investigated including: emergency service use trends (and associated costs); ABC; placement change trends; and caregiver satisfaction.