START Coordinator Certification

What is a START Coordinator?

A START Coordinator is a masters-level professional who is the backbone of a START Clinical Team. A START Coordinator does not replace any one member of an existing system of support. Rather, they are members of a team that works with the system of care and facilitates change through the way they understand, interact with, and respond to the individuals served by START. The role of the START Coordinator is to provide hope, support, and a safety net to individuals and their systems. Based on the premise that there is no value in expertise if it is not shared with others, START Coordinators continuously share knowledge with teams and systems in an effort to build capacity. The ultimate goal of a START Coordinator is to achieve a level of individual and systemic stability wherein START services are no longer needed. 

START Coordinator Certification

All START Clinical team members, with the exception of Medical Directors and administrative staff, are required to achieve START Coordinator Certification. START coordinators typically become certified within 12 months. Certification confirms a START Coordinator’s ability to successfully implement strategies that improve supports and service outcomes for individuals with IDD and behavioral health care needs and their families. It demonstrates a thorough understanding of the START model as well as the principles and approaches endorsed and valued by the Center for START Services. Certification is valid for two years and must be renewed through the Center for START Services prior to expiration.

Certification Renewal Information

START Coordinator Certification must be renewed every 2 years. The purpose of certification renewal is to ensure that all START Coordinators remain informed of current research, training, and best practices in the context of the START model. Coordinators must submit a Certification Renewal Application to the Center for START Services within the 24th month of certification (early applications will be accepted if submitted within the last 6 months of active certification). Failure to apply for renewal will result in certification expiration.

Request for Reinstatement: If your certification is expired for more than 6 months, you are required to request reinstatement in order to regain certification. In addition to submitting a renewal application with accompanying documentation, you will also be required to participate in a live interview process (via Zoom) with at least two (2) members of the START Certification Review Board.

Document Quick Links

Application Process

  • Send the Supervisor Endorsement Survey link to your supervisor

  • Fill out the Certification Renewal Application and attach all required documentation

  • If documentation is unavailable, please include a Training Confirmation Form signed by your supervisor

  • Submit Application to Beth Grosso

  • Applications will be processed and reviewed within 30 days of receipt by the START Certification Review Board

  • Once approved, Certification Renewal documentation will be sent to the mailing address provided on your application

The START Certification Review Board reserves the right to request additional information from any applicant. 

Renewal Requirements

Supervisor Endorsement: You must be formally endorsed by your START Program supervisor in order to apply for certification renewal. The endorsing supervisor should also be certified themselves. Provide this link to your supervisor prior to submitting your application. If you no longer work for a START program, please ensure that your supervisor has an understanding of the coordinator certification process and clearly articulates how you apply the START model in your current job.

Proof of Training Attended:

  • Certificates of Attendance (COA) of at least 24 hours of training attended/participated in within the last 2 years

  • Webinars and pre-recorded online trainings are acceptable if at least 12 of the training hours were recorded/released within the last 2 years

  • If a COA is not available for any trainings attended/participated in, please submit a Training Confirmation Form signed by your supervisor

  • Click the following links to view Sample Training Submission and Sample Training Confirmation Forms 

Proof of Training Provided:

  • You must also prove that you provided at least 3 trainings to your team or network within the last 2 years

  • Supervisor initial on Training Submission Form serves as proof of training provided

Approved Trainings

START Trainings

  • START National Training Institute (12 hrs total)

  • START Program Conferences/Launches

  • NADD Conferences

  • Clinical Education Team trainings (CETs)

  • START National Online Training Series (COAs located on our website)

  • Practice Group trainings

  • Any trainings provided by START team members

Unaffiliated Trainings: Acceptable if a) Provided by professionals in the fields of IDD or MH and b) Goals/Objectives are focused on supporting individuals with IDD and/or behavioral health challenges.

Readings Acceptable as Training: If submitting articles and texts as “training received” please provide a 200 – 500 word summary for each article submitted along with the title, author(s), and date published. Each article submitted can count toward 0.5 hrs of training received.