START National Online Training Series

This annual, highly popular, supplemental training series is designed to provide innovative and topic-focused online training to START program members and their local community partners. Trainings from this series are released once a month to the START Network (typically on the 3rd Friday of each month) from September to April. These online trainings are free for participants and are facilitated by START program members in centralized locations within their service region so that all participants can learn as a group.  Please note, these trainings are only available to START programs and their local community partners. Refer to our Locations map to identify a START program in your area.


2019-2020 START National Training Series on Mental Health and IDD

The START National Online Training Series airs on the following dates at 12:00pm noon EST. Participants are emailed a link to each training and technical assistance is provided by the Center for START Services when needed.

September 20
Grief & Bereavement of Individuals with IDD/MH
Katy Stratigos, MD, NY START Region 4 Triborough Medical Director

October 18
START Research: SNTI Poster Session Winners
NY START Region 4 Triborough: Caroline Schau, Emily Weinrebe, Katy Stratigos; NY START Region 4 Richmond Kings: Sharon Cyrus-Savary, Corey Fisk, Alexa Eugene; NH START: Val Tetreault, Samantha Field, Justin Smith, Sara Greenstein

November 15
Supporting Purpose and Meaning in the Lives of Individuals with MH/IDD
Michael Smull, The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices and Support Development Associates

January 17
Topic: Psychopharmacology & Self-Advocacy

February 21
Topic: PERMA: The Family Perspective

March 20
Trauma’s Impact on Cognitive & Emotional Development in Individuals with IDD
Stefanie Griffin, PhD, and Sherm Fox, MD, NH START

April 17
Exploring the Overlap of Autism, Sexuality, & Gender-Identity Difference
Dan Shapiro, MD