The START Professional Learning Community

The START Professional Learning Community (PLC), previously called the START Network, began in 2011 and has continued to develop an identity of commitment, collaboration and cultivation of learning. The START PLC is comprised of all START Programs across North America who share resources, information and expertise through structured learning environments facilitated by the Center for START Services. The PLC is a means to help unify and enhance the service systems providing supports to those with IDD and behavioral health needs. It is an evidence-based, cost-effective solution for the need for more training across disciplines to share and develop knowledge while growing communities.

There are several shared attributes of all START PLC members

  • Committed to one another through support and knowledge sharing

  • Dedicated to advancing the field as a whole through continuous learning and expanding knowledge 

  • Integrate new knowledge directly into  to day-to-day practice

The PLCs themselves, regardless of their context or focus, also share several commonalities:

  • a group of people who share and critically interrogate their practice in an ongoing, reflective, collaborative, inclusive, learning-oriented, growth-promoting way;

  • a collective enterprise that seeks to share and act on learning to enhance effectiveness as professionals, advocates, and;

  • a community of supportive, continuous inquiry and improvement that draws innovation from a diverse range of people.

START Programs participate in PLC activities on many levels including internal peer review and learning opportunities, engagement with the local community through Clinical Education Teams and other learning opportunities and on a national level. The Center for START Services currently provides the following learning opportunities: