Video Viewing Tips & Troubleshooting

Even if you have a relatively fast internet connection you may not be utilizing the full bandwidth available and as a result, you may be experiencing poor video quality. We recommend following the steps outlined below to improve your browser speed before watching a training.

Test This Video!

The easiest way to find out if you will be able to view a training video is to test this video on the computer and network that you plan to view the training on! This would also be a great opportunity to test your LCD projector and audio equipment if you are a Host Site!
Password: Start1

If you can see and hear the video above clearly, without any playback or audio issues, you should be ready to view the training series videos!

If you experience any problems seeing OR hearing the video below, please follow the "Steps to Improve Video Quality" below

Steps to Improve Video Quality

1) Use a WIRED connection

One of the easiest ways to improve your browser speed is to connect to your router using an Ethernet Cable INSTEAD of using a wireless connection. Contact your IT support person for help setting this up. If you’re already connected this way, move on to #2!

2) Update you browser

Make sure you are using the most updated browser version available. Click on the links below to learn how to check and update each browser supported by Vimeo. Or check the latest browser versions at Internet Explorer users: Vimeo will only work on IE 11. If you currently us an older version of IE, you WILL have to update that browser in order to view.

Update Internet Explorer

Update Safari

Update Chrome

Update Opera

Update Firefox



3) Update Java

If the video opens but you see a grey puzzle piece, "broken" symbol, or "exclamation" symbol, you may have an out of date version of Java

4) Remove unnecessary data

Other programs and temporary data can take up a lot of bandwidth. Try these steps before watching a training video:

  • Delete Temporary Internet Files on your browser (learn how)

  • Clear the Cache on your browser (learn how)

  • Close all other browser tabs & windows

  • Close all other programs & applications running on your computer


5) Restart

After performing any or all of these three steps there’s one more tried and true method to try to improve speed… save your work and RESTART. Once you have a clean slate, reopen your email with the video link, click on the link to view the video, and close your email program.

6) Provide extra loading time

If you're still having issues with quality (frequent buffering, choppy playback) give the video 30 - 60 minutes to load prior to watching. To do this, open the video > press play > press pause